Friday, 20 November 2009

It's good to be home

Gosh, it does feel good to once again be offering dear readers of mine Tea and Toast in copious abundance.

Things over the past...month and a bit...have been fairly good on the whole but then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid...not quite like, "i love you"....

did anyone get that? or was it a lead balloon? :S

it's just like the time when somebody did something rather odd and then claimed that they simply had to because they had the "urge"...and i said, "got the urge? get to burger king!" in the commercial...but no one got it...I was simply greeted by some rather curious expressions. ah wells. xD

ooooop!!! I had a practical drama assessment today *just a practice to help with our written pieces but still assessed as though it was an actual exam* and my group got A's!!! SO happy with that xD and it was a right laugh as well, i've kept my war-stripes on all day and if they weren't so smudged up right now i'd be considering wearing them tomorrow as well but they're an absolute mess and my face can't go without a wash :o


hmmm, everything gets worse before it gets better but here's to hoping, eh? early morning tomorrow...i don't have the energy to explain why right now.

my legs have been a little achey today and i couldn't think why until i remembered that on...sunday....and wednesday *i think* I was really busting some moves, cutting some shapes and shaking my thang...I was dancing...badly...for a long The Black Eyed Peas and any other random songs that could be danced to on my iPod...yup. that's how i spend my free time. i think i'll go and hide in a corner now. *ooooop 'n' ergle*

my mate rachey reckons that i should be annoyed at another of my friends right now and i was to start with but it wasn't really her fault and she's a lovely person and over the...three and a bit years that i've known her this is the first thing she's done to really bother me and that's not worth losing someone over. no sirree. i don't believe so. lovely person.

Peace and love
p.s it's been a while, eh?


  1. So which blog are you going to comment on more - this or the other one?

    *Wait for Tommy to come up with a witty 24-related response to the Anonymous person (perhaps their name actually is Anonymous, now you would have to have some sadistic parents for that to happen...)*

    P.S. Well done with Drama!