Saturday, 28 November 2009


I've have Bad Romance by Lady Gaga stuck in my head...the video is so very, very peculiar...


I'm iiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllll which SUCKS. A LOT. Hrumph. I didn't change out of my pyjamas until about half one this after noon. I'm in the library now but i was lazing around the house reading my book for ages earleier. It is a fantastic book though and i'm almost finished reading it. It's called The Personal Shopper by Carmen Reid and is actually surprisingly deep. Certainly a whole lot deeper than theShoperholic series. The main character Annie Valentine was a clothes consultant 'n' all that jazz but when she dressed people it wasn't so much to do with the clothes; it was more of the characters which she was able to express through dressing and I just read a plot twist in it which almost made me cry but that would have made me look ever so silly as I was sitting in the Rom-Fic section corner of the library upstairs. ergle. I've got Latin, History, drama and chemistry homework to do which must be done today as i'm going out for lovely Harvey's birthday tomorrow. Really not looking forward to the blasted homework but town with mine matey mates dearest is certainly an attractive prospect.

Ga-Ga Oooh la-la
Want your bad romance

I want your ugly I want you disease...

yup, very odd.

I had every intention of sharing something but now i don't feel like it; not so generous afte all.

Right, I'm off, wish me luck.

Peace and love
p.s "I dream about leaving but wake up with regrets"

i've just painted my nails :D they're now a colour called mercury which i lurv cuz it's lurvly yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

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