Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas


Don't know if anyone will be reading this today but whenever you do find yourself a-stumbling over this blog, think of me smiling and wishing you all the cheesey stuff that comes along with today :P

"No meaure of time with you could ever be enough, but let's start with forever"
"...did you just quote twilight?"

and that my dear friends, is the true meaning of christmas (paraphrased: no one really knows for sure so just live and enjoy, eh?)

pretty soon my 2011 lyrics will be posted :) tomorrow's the last monday of the year to write a line...hope i find a good one! for anyone who doesn't know, my year of lyrics don't particularly, necessarily mean a lot to me, they just stuck out at the time....and i write one a week throughout the year

anyways, i got off topic, i hope today brought you everything you wanted...i'm missing one thing right now...:s

Peace and love

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