Sunday, 4 December 2011

*almost* Finished Christmas shopping :P

ya-ha!! Majorly pleased and I've done a load of wrapping so everything looks so pretty :D One of the best parts of Christmas is coming downstairs in the morning to find glossy parcels embellised with ribbons beneath a spangle-adorned yeah, i like to conritbute to that :D

...really should start on my h/w slash coursework today...btw, i wrote 'slash' because i'd already put h/w instead of homework and thought 'h/w /coursework' would have looked silly... yeah...

Had a great Friday night with Louise, Summer and Harvey, my three fave girls :P Loads of junk 'n' giggles= good night in.

Burnt my finger in work yesterday :( really hurt!! so now i have a lovely blister which totally isn't in the way or anything ¬_¬

Peace and love

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