Tuesday, 19 April 2011

No plans necessary.

I love the spontaneity of massive town gethering :D
The weather was perfect, i'm not burnt *always a bonus*, there was ice cream *not just any ice-cream, this is Marks and Spencer's creamy, british, hand made, strawberry ice cream.....product placement on your blog Missy?? what has the world come to?*
Well, that was a long digression, where was I?

Yes, today was marvelous xD I jumped into the river *ever so frightening...* in denim shorts....great choice of clothing i'm sure you'll agree!! It made a rather lovely break from revision anyways.
mmm, and mom's making pizza for dinner, could this day get any better?

For here is something I found in a book and it is brilliant. Fact.
That should be nice and visible but for those of you who have trouble with yer sight it says,
'May the sausage of peace forever be dipped in the ketchup of happiness.'

That is truly fantastic.

I am hungry.

Peace and love

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