Sunday, 10 April 2011


looks nice but is completely impractical when trying to eat in the food, not the metal grill 'n' such :D

STILL sunny and according to Sara Cox *who i totally have a girl-crush on right now* it's going to stay lovely weather until mid way through next week :P pretty good, eh??

I've seen the last episode of russel howard's good news was still fnny the second time around.
i watched the 'extra' one and it had a stand up called Tony Law tacked onto the end...not really my cup of tea, some of his stuff was really funny but he's rather out there.
He was wearing a skin tight all-in-one body sleeve thing....hmmm. O.o

gotta get going soon. things to see, people to do. *i yoinked that from a book but i can't remember which...sorrya bout that that.*

Peace and love

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