Thursday, 15 September 2011


is all around us :D
If you took your head out of your own arse for a moment you might notice that.

^^ that's not addressing anyone in the moment xD

anyways, i'm making the most of the sunshine whilst it lasts and filling up on my quota of vitamin D...btw, do they still sell sunny D here in Britain?...heard they stopped because of sugar content/additives or summat...
I loved that drink as a kid! dang, miss that :P

Fire drill encroached on my sun-loving antics :s
such. inconsiderate. timing.

However, in more uplifting news, my skirt arrived today :P yayze. part of my party you sometime!

Tommy, when did you say your mammmy was coming home? :s

Friday tomorrow :) i've missed those!

Peace and love

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