Thursday, 29 September 2011

Have the last few days really happened?

This week has really flown by, not entirely sure why but I'm sure the sun probably wasn't exactly a hindrance :P Me and summer spent all of 4th period lazing in the sunshine....'twas good :P and i'm not burnt *bonus*

So, didn't have history today-yay!
English presentation was fine-yay!
English essay was made bearable by mild innuendo-yay!

Went to see Top Girls last night as we're studying it in English lit. It's always a bit of a bummer when you step outside of the theatre and realise you didn't get a word of that...Feeling dumb really doesn't do a lot for the self esteem xD
Had a really great evening with Summer, Tommy, Harvey, David and Rupert though :D We got macdonalds!! ahaha. Mr. Garside wasn't kidding, if you eat the actual burger part on its own, it tastes of cardboard...crikey *yes, I just used the word 'crikey'....DEAL* I wouldn't be surprised if they were suitable for vegetarians. FACT. O.o
I'm really glad i'm friends with rupert now :) i've sort of known of him for like five years without ever really speaking to him, so i think it's really good that i'm now actually properly getting on with him and having a he always seems to have yummy food that he doesn't mind sharing...but mainly the bit about him being a laugh....of course....

Bought a new dress, fulfilled the female stereotype, GOOD TIMES.

It's the same as the one I wore today but BLUE :D much love for bluuuuuuue :P also got a vest top but that's less interesting...
Do you know what else is less interesting?? fracking open evening-THAT'S WHAT....ARGH. RAGE. Hopefully I won't be giving non stop tours for hours...wanna chat with my fellow spreaders of awesome...'n' junk... :D

Wow, this was a long one ...*please no more innuendo, i've had my fair share today*

Good Luck on DofE Guys :P I'll be thinking about you marching whilst i'm eating pie :)

Peace and love

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