Friday, 2 October 2009


i have a hanky, i'll mop you up...
sorry about that. ill. and stuffed with dinner. not a great combination.
i feel siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick :(
but actually happy :D
i am surrounded by gorgeous people and the sun was peering through the whisps of sheep-like clouds upon the their bright blue hillside of a sky :) gorgeous.
and for the record, sandwiches are goooooooooooooooooooood xD

Have a lovely weekend...despite the weather we're especting :S
Peace and love


  1. I hope that's not the sandwich I'm thinking off (egg and cress, I HATE egg). But, if I'm at school on Monday (50/50 chance, Will and I WILL be back to sandwich those we missed on the second!

  2. Seeing as people can't sign anonymously on your other blog, I decided to make do with commenting here instead.
    You know that you can break promises. If the promise you mention is what I think it is, then there should be no feelings of guilt from you if you break it anyway. Whereas, you think you'll feel guilty if you break the promise... but the truth is, it won't be possible for you to feel guilty.
    That is, of course, considering what I *think* the promise you mentioned is.

  3. a promise isn't made and kept for own personal gain and the ridding of guilt; it's for the benefit of whoever you make your promise to. no matter what i feel from time to time, i still have no right to hurt as many people as i might if i ever did do something as stupid as to break that promise.

  4. Like promises matter to anyone. People get upset for a while, then they get over it. If you want to fucking die, go for it if it's what you really want. No one's going to stop a passion.
    You don't know who I am, do you. You don't know what I represent. Maybe you'll find out one day. But, then again, perhaps you won't.

  5. ...Oh, whoopdy fucking doo. A riddler! As if hiding someone's identity is doing the world any favours...I swear I listened to that very same last line last night on 24. Humbug to you, Sir!

    Seriously, why can't people just say who they are and what they mean and why marmite is so important to them. Meh. This is all ego-accelerating crap, if you ask me. But nobody, and all. Meh.

    Just don't commit suicide anytime soon, I don't care if everyone else wants you to die, I don't.

  6. I need to do a lot of growing up but right now, i'm calm enough to see that i'd be missing out on a lot if i did do something stupid like that. If you're not going to tell me who you are then please keep your thoughts to yourself and leave me alone.

  7. I never said I wanted her to die. I just said that no one would stop something she wanted if she really wanted to aim for it.

    Hiding my identity is doing you a favour. Ignorance is bliss. Most of the time. And this is one of those times.

    And for the record, I hate marmite.

    And yes, I have a perfectly fine ego, thank you for asking.

  8. I didn't see what you wrote, as presumably I was writing at the same time you were.

    I don't want to keep my thoughts to myself. I want to impart them onto you. Sharing, because I'm so generous.

    If you don't like it, delete my comments. It's not like I can stop you.

  9. well, thanks for your wisdom but i'm doing good now. infact the only thing that's really bothering me at the moment is the fact that you're intent on dredgig up the past. I could move on if you stopped reminding me about it.
    i don't want to delete the comments because then no one would understand what i was ranting about when i say "that anonymous person" but please can we at least do this else where? if you are genuinely interested in helping me then send me an email: