Monday, 11 November 2013

It's all systems go

So I haven't been that great at keeping you posted about daily life...
Here's a catch up :)
I turned 19...I feel no change. At all. Turns out that most people I know at uni are older than 18, my two closest friends are both twenty and there are also a bunch of lovely mature students; Sophia is a hoot! She's 37 (looks no older than 30!!) and is absolutely lovely, she was a lawyer for 13 years and decided she wanted a change...that's pretty nifty- she just said "life's too short" I agree.
And yeah, kinda touched on it already but uni is gooooood! I am BUSY. I have lots of lectures and then I make lecture notes and then I do the set readings...and notes on those readings...and then I make time for my assignments :D
I completely loathed my first day. I felt really scared/shy/out of place :( and it really dawned on me that I'm going to be here for the next four years (sandwich course so I'll be on placement too but yeah, 4 YEARS!!) I got home and went to bed, had a little sniffle and ate some chocolate. It was uphill from there though, you just need to stick with it, I spose.
"Uphill" isn't to say I'm not finding it hard, Stats is haaaaaaaaaaaard but in the moments I get it, that sense of accomplishment is second to none! Got my mark for my first assignment today- 62! That's a 2:1 and for my first assignment, I am pretty darned pleased with myself...just need to get it together for the next three before Christmas and then the January exams...*ahem*...:s
Also! Got the Chancellor's Scholarship :D I don't get free tuition but I am being given a monetary prize. i worked very, Very, VERY hard and am so pleased and proud of myself. It might sound a lil conceited to say I'm proud of myself but I figured that I put myself down all the time, when I've actually acheived something great I should be able to be nice to myself :)
And lastly, my new job! I am loving it. Everyone is super nice, it is so cheesy but honestly does feel like a lil family unit :) Only thing is...I get paid in cash because it's a super small independent business. On saturday night I was rushing to get off work to go to a party and shoved my £40 in my pocket...halfway down the highstreet it wasn't in my pocket. Kind of a crap night. just a bit, eh? :( I've had a few days to make my peace with it now so I do feel better and you know, it really is only money, I have a job, I can make more. It's upsetting but I had a £40 lesson in "Don't be a careless fool with your money."
All in all, life is really pretty good, even if I'm busy and down £40, swings 'n' roundabouts and all systems go!

Peace and love

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