Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Uni's looking really real

Ok, so, this post is probably going to annoy a lot of people who took choosing university really seriously but i mostly chose them because of where they are, seeing as i want to live at home after what happened with martin last year. but even then, when i was choosing universities to apply to, actually going to uni was a far away maybe. like it was never a dead-cert. i'm good at school, i do well academically, but i never really saw myself as the academic sort, i always had a kind of water-colour, hazy view of futurekaytei wandering around europe with a back-pack and a tan not really having a destination and not really minding. but now i'm gonig to uni. and even though i planned it, i chose it, i knew what was happening, it's somehow come as a shock. My first day is 30th September and i'm really scared. I don't know anyone taking my course (psychology) and i hate being the new kid. one plus is that i suppose everyone's gonna be the new kid. My first week is really just orientation, meet 'n' greets, q&a sessions, that sort of thing but i need a whole timetable for it and i'm gonna be looking a tourist in the town i've lived in for at least a third of my life.

Something really silly (and seriously: JUDGE ME)....I'm worried about what i'm going to wear/make-up/how i do my hair for my first day. It's going to set a president for how i need to look for the rest of the year, it could give people the wrong impression of me...

This is all happening a bit quickly and maybe my change isn't as big as some other people's because i'm staying at home, but right now, the change seems plenty big enough! Maybe I'll actually relaunch this blog as a uni-diary. helpful hints, how i'm getting on, and every cringe-worthy newbie thing I end up doing.

Good luck for whatever you guys end up doing this year!

Peace and love

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